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Book Your Adventure TODAY!

 Over the Moon Escape Rooms brings high quality adventure games and entertainment to the Inland Empire!   

You and your team will enter a themed room where you have 60 minutes to search for clues, solve puzzles and complete your mission in order to "escape" in time.  


Our games bring epic stories to life in an uniquely designed immersive experience.  Book your adventure now!


We have 5 Experiences available to choose from - Each with their own unique theme & puzzles.  


We DO NOT rate the games as Easy, Medium or Hard.  Rating games like this is very subjective and can vary from group to group.   We do include the current success rates for each of our rooms -

for more information select a room a below. 

Phantom carrying Christine for Phantom of the Opera Room Advertisement
Red Queen in Wonderland
Steampunk Engine with Steam for Wasteland Waterworks
Bad Chemistry Logo with two men dressed as scientists, one holding a beaker.

The Holiday Hunt

Limited Time Holiday
Escape R



Our games provide experiential opportunities to connect and engage team members! Increase employee engagement and overall job satisfaction by forgetting work for a 60-minute adventure. Your mission is clear – work together to escape, all while developing creative problem solving skills with your colleagues - and have fun doing it! 

Psychology Today says that teams with creative problem solving experience generate 3.5x more ideas in brainstorming than teams without similar experience.

It’s time to innovate – with the gift of game. Over the Moon Escape Rooms offers a unique opportunity to amplify innovation, bolster team motivation, and encourage creativity.  Have large teams? No problem! We have all the options and you can even use our event room for additional fun and activities.  


Contact our office  for any additional questions or book information.   


Over the Moon Escape Room

1307 W. 6th Street, Unit 109

Corona, Ca 92882

Phone: (951)577-8151


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