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The knives are out and you are set to become today's main course for supper! It's time to see that life in a garden is truly a difficult and hare raising adventure when you are only a rabbit.  Underneath this beautiful country setting is an intense (and difficult) race for your life.    


GAME TIME:  60 Minutes

THEME:  Adventure/Whimsical Fun 


PLAYERS:  2 - 5

This room is suitable for all ages but requires a sharp mind to outwit the sharp cutlery wielding country folk. 

This room has limited space and is recommended for smaller groups.  All of our games are private. We will not put your group with strangers unless you request a public booking, in which case we will help you book with other players.    

AGES:  7 and older 

If you are under the age of 18 a parent or guardian must fill out a waiver before you can play.   All participants under 14 must have a least 1 adult in the room.