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Phantom of the Opera Carrying Christine - Advertisment for the Phantom Escape ROom Experience

You are on a backstage tour of the famous Paris Opera House, the site of many strange accidents and legends - the most popular of which is THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.   Over thirty years after the famous tale these dressing rooms are still experiencing strange phenomena, but by what?  Can you discover the secrets hidden within and far below this iconic venue.  Can you escape in time or will you too, become another victim of the Opera Ghost?


GAME TIME:  60 Minutes



PLAYERS:  2 - 6
All of our games are private. We will not put your group with strangers unless you request a public booking, in which case we will help you book with other players.   

AGES:  13 years and older.  

If you are under the age of 18 a parent or guardian must fill out a waiver before you can play. 

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