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Steampunk Engine with Steam Emitting from pipes with the Wasteland Waterworks logo above the steam

The United States has been devastated by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) detonated over both coasts.  This deliberate and coordinated attack by an uncertain adversary wiped out virtually all of the infrastructure in the U.S.  One year later, with 80% of the population having perished, a small team of survivors has embarked on a mission to covertly restore water and power to their local community.  Your small team has managed to reinfiltrate the waterworks facility and has one hour before a guard will return.   Can you repair the system and restore water to this region before it is too late?




GAME TIME:  60 Minutes



PLAYERS:  2 - 6
All our games are private.

AGES:  Recommended for 13 years old and up.   

(younger participants will be allowed with adults) 

If you are under the age of 18 a parent or guardian must fill out a waiver before you can play. 

WARNING: This game involves Flashing Lights, Fog, Dark Environment & some intense moments.   This game does include a Live Actor for a brief moment.   Please call us if you have any conditions that we should know about before you play.  


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